how energy wipes work

Leaves no streaks no watermarks, and no fluff

Wet It
Wring It Out
Wipe It
Hot water is all you need
Wring the cloth until it is nearly dry
Then just wipe the dirt away


When using Energy Wipes to clean glass, mirrors or other reflective surfaces use the second Energy Wipe cloth dry to buff the surface and remove all streaks

cleaning & care of energy wipe cloths

Before and after you use your cloth just rinse it hot water. This makes the micro fibre swell to release trapped dirt. You can also hand or machine wash. The cloths can be wrung out or tumble dried.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Your Energy-Wipe cloth can be machine washed and used for 2/3 years.

Chemicals and harsh cleaners could make the fibres stick together, so when cleaning items that may have a build up of previously used cleaners, rinse your cloth in hot water.

Microfibre is an open weave with a positive charge, which attracts and traps dirt allowing you to clean continuously for longer.