what is unique about energy wipe

Effective : It Works! Grease and grime are cleaned streak free with just hot water. Energy wipe cloths hold 7 times their own weight in dirt. Energy Wipe is statically charged and traps the dirt until released by water. Hence you can move from surface to surface without transferring dirt with the result that your house work is done in half the time.

Easy : Cuts cleaning time. Free yourself from spray bottles, cleansers and paper towels. Just rinse Energy Wipe and keep cleaning.

Healthy : No fumes from ammonia, bleach or other harsh cleaners that can cause allergic reactions, People who are sensitive to chemicals and detergents now have a powerful cleaning technology.

Environmental : Eliminates the need for chemicals. The ultra microfibre cloth is an important environmental breakthrough as the only solvent it uses is water. Your home or workplace will be much more environmentally safe for you and your children.

Economical : Energy Wipes save money you don't need a storeroom or cupboard full of chemical cleaning products and paper towels. Energy wipes can be washed and reused over 500 times.

Enjoyable : Few people enjoy cleaning. Faster results mean more time for enjoyment.